Letter from the Chair


Hi Everyone,

This is a brief email to update allotment holders on the current situation as far as the allotment move is concerned, and also to introduce myself as the new chair of the Allotment Association.

At our recent AGM, Rosemary Armitage announced that she would be standing down as chair of the Allotment Association. As I’m sure most of you will be aware, Rosemary has been chair of the Association for a number of years. During that time she has put in a tremendous amount of effort and hard work to protect the interests of Allotment holders and to try to ensure the future of allotments  in Corfe Mullen. I would like to thank Rosemary for all the efforts she has put in on behalf of allotment holders.

As far as the allotment site move is concerned, those of you who have passed the new allotment site may have noticed that they have built and tarmacked the entrance way (including culverting the stream), but have not done much else to the site. Our understanding is that the developers have not yet completed the detailed agreement (known as section 106) with East Dorset District Council, and that until that is done they will not get the formal planning approval for the new allotment site. This means that they are not yet allowed to carry out the improvements to the site (such as deer fencing) specified in the planning permission. Obviously there is no possibility of the new site being ready for us before the end of December.

The Parish Council has indicated that we will get a further 3 months on the existing allotment site, which would take us to the 31st of March. This is expected to be on the same basis as for the last extension we had. That would mean that we will not have to pay rent for this period, but we will each receive a form to sign saying that we want to keep our allotments for the next three months on that basis. However it is vital that you return your signed form, not only to ensure that you are able to move to the new site, but to demonstrate the continued demand for allotments in Corfe Mullen.

Our committee is hoping to meet with the Parish Council early in the new year, so if you have any queries regarding the move to the new allotment site, or anything else you would like us to raise, please let me know before then.



Dave Peden,

Chair CMAA