March – Growing advice and Information from

As time Marches on (see what we did there?), the National Allotment Society suggestions for March are here..

Hopefully, by now we are now standing on the threshold of Spring and the new gardening season. The days are beginning to lengthen and although it may not feel like it at times the temperatures are slowly increasing day by day. More importantly, the longer days are the real trigger to new growth and you will find that with the help of a little protection you can really go for those early sowings. They might not all make it but it is still worth a try and you will still have plenty of time to re-sow any misses. Your best friend this month is the weather man. Try to keep up to date with the local forecasts, better still ask the advice of the gardeners around you who have years of experience to draw on.

If Easter falls in March and the clocks go forward too, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in a frenzy of Bank Holiday weekend gardening. Plan your workload for the month according to weather and the time you have available.

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