Latest Allotment News


This is just a quick update to to keep everyone up to date with current developments regarding the allotments.

First the good news: Katrina Blee has confirmed that the leases on the existing site will be extended to the end of September at least. There is still no sign of any movement by the developers on any of things they need to do before they can commence development on the existing site, so it seems very likely that we will still be there for the rest of the year, at least.

Several existing plotholders have taken up the Parish council’s offer of additional space on the current allotment, but there are sill a number of vacant plots. The Parish Council have offered people from the Wimborne allotments (who currently have no allotment site) the opportunity to take some of these on a temporary basis. This would not give them any rights to plots on the new allotment site, but hopefully they might get an allotment site of their own at some point, as they were promised.

The Parish Council are, however getting very concerned about the state of a number of the allotments which are still let, but where plotholders are doing very little in the way of cultivation. Some of these have a lot of grass and weed growth on them, which of course is now producing weed seeds that will cause problems to their neighbours who are cultivating their plots.

I know that some members will feel reluctant to put more than the minimum amount of effort in under the present circumstances, but I would encourage everyone to, at the very least, ensure that grass and weeds are kept well under control. It is always possible that the Parish Council may take some action against plotholders if they fail to do this, although I would hope that they would bear in mind the difficulties and uncertainties of the current situation.

We will let you know as soon as we have any further information about what is happening regarding the site move, etc.


Dave Peden,

Chair CMAA