Our Constitution

This is our constitution as voted in, at the AGM on 15th November 2016…

  1. The name of the organisation is “Corfe Mullen Allotment Association”.
  1. The aims of the Association are:

The protection of members interests, especially security of tenure.

To represent and promote the interests of plot holders.

To purchase, on a cooperative basis, supplies for the use of the members.

To encourage an interest in allotment gardening, among the local community.

To protect and promote the biodiversity, landscape value and amenity of the allotment site.

To provide social activities and competitions.

To foster good relations with residential neighbours, and local statutory and non-statutory bodies.

To promote the benefits of environmentally sustainable allotment gardening.

To welcome all allotment gardeners, regardless of age, gender, disability, religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

  1. Membership

Membership is open to plot holders, and anyone helping them to work the plot (with a maximum of 3 members per plot).

Voting membership is also open to people waiting for an allotment.

The committee may consider paid, non-voting, membership from non-allotment holders (to allow other gardeners, family members, etc. to benefit from seed, supplies and any social activities).

The committee may at its discretion refuse to admit any person for membership.

The committee shall keep a register of members.

  1. Membership Fees

All members pay the same membership fee.

The membership fee will include the affiliation fee for the South West Counties Allotments Association (SWCAA) or any other organisation that Corfe Mullen Allotment Association belongs to.

The membership fee should be paid at or before the AGM.

Each person who has paid for their membership is entitled to one vote at the AGM, and to share in the group discount for any purchases made through the Association.

Any member who is ever one month in arrears with their subscription and who has not satisfactorily responded to a reminder letter, shall be held to have ceased to be a member.

  1. Management Committee

The committee shall have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 members who will be elected at the AGM.            A person shall not be eligible for election unless they are a member of the organisation.

A person shall not be eligible for election unless they are a member of the organisation.

The chair may only vote when there is a tied vote and then the chair’s vote is decisive.

A person should not be continuously on the committee for more than five years, in any one role.

All committee members must stand for re-election each year.

The officers of the committee must include:




Other essential roles:

Seed Secretary (Handles bulk seed orders)

Membership secretary (Maintains membership records. Usually combined with treasurer)

Useful optional roles:

Deputy Chair

Web/social media (Provide useful information on the Internet)

Newsletter editor

Social Secretary (social occasions and competitions)

Member without portfolio (this post should only be elected if the committee is short of members after all other roles have been offered for election.)

It is perfectly valid for an officer or committee member to hold more than one role as long as chair, secretary and treasurer are held by three separate people..

  1. General Meetings

The management Committee shall convene an annual general meeting of all the members, not more than (13) months shall elapse between annual general meetings.

The business of an Annual General Meeting shall include but not be limited to:

  • A report by the chair of the years activities
  • A review of the annual accounts. There shall be appointed an Auditor who is not a member of the committee. He shall audit and submit the accounts and submit a report to the AGM.
  • The election/re-election of officers of the Management Committee.

A minimum of 14 days notice shall be given of any annual general meeting or special general meeting.

The management committee may call a special general meeting at any time.

If 25% of the members sign a letter requesting a special general meeting, the Management Committee shall organise such a meeting within 21 days.

A quorum for general meetings shall be 20% of the voting members.

Voting shall normally be by a show of hands, if a poll of all members is called for the management committee will arrange a poll of all members within 14 days.

  1. Change of Constitution

This constitution may only be amended by a vote at either an AGM or SGM.

  1. Dissolution

Having paid all debts etc, the balance either goes to a similar organisation or to charity as decided by the AGM or SGM that dissolves the organisation.


A paper copy of this constitution is held by the officers of the management committee and is available upon request.